About us

Moremicro is building and supporting businesses throughout the UK and worldwide. With clients based in Birmingham, Tokyo, Dubai and within the UK Moremicro has reduced the risk of vulnerability for businesses, increased efficiency and improved productivity by becoming an IT Support and Infrastructure for businesses. With the increase of IT threats and the need for responsive IT support Moremicro has filled the need for businesses to thrive in this new age of technological world.

Moremicro provided support to businesses worth over £500m and continues to build customers a secure, solid and risk free IT Infrastructures. Moremicro has accomplished this by understanding the client right from the ground up. Listening to their needs, understanding and flaws in the existing IT system they may have had and tailoring an IT Solution around them.

This has been proven by the many case studies Moremicro has had an input on with their existing clients thus pushing the boundaries for IT efficiency and security.

With many years of experience within the Moremicro team and talented engineers who see the problem before it arrives to a client’s IT hardware, Moremicro has saved client’s data of being corrupt or even disasters such as preventing a virus entering their machine or infrastructure.

Moremicro provides IT support and infrastructures for Hotels, Online retailers, Construction companies, Solicitors, Estate Agents, and Property Investment. Many of which are the backbone of the central Birmingham area. As many clients are never the same Moremicro consistently delivers excellent service and responsive call back times which reflects against the SLA and contract agreement set in place by Moremicro. Book a consultation to discuss further on 0121 3888 999.

Why Use More Micro?

  • Focus on your business
    Reduce the number of hours spent on trying to figure out tech – leave it to us!
  • Solutions for all industries
    Every business require some sort of technology – we are here to assist!
  • Cost Effective
    Save money by reducing system downtime and increasing productivity.
  • Expert Advice
    Our engineers are highly trained and qualified, simply pick up and call us on 0121 3888 999 to discuss your needs.

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