Award winning Park Regis Birmingham is centrally located in Birmingham city centre, the second largest city of the United Kingdom. The 4-star hotel offers over 250 rooms and is situated in Birmingham’s Leisure and Convention Quarter which itself forms part of the Central Business District.


We were commissioned to design the entire IT infrastructure. Our main focus was to create a fast, secure and seamless network for the staff and most importantly the guests visiting the hotel.


Our in-house analysts built the Park Regis’ hotel infrastructure from the ground up. We began with providing super-fast guest Wi-Fi that did not impact the performance of any other device on site.

As the Park Regis is in the convention quarter, many businesses visit the hotel to attend conferences and events. We provide dedicated internet bandwidth to cater to all guests needs and can divert bandwidth to where it’s required most, for example during an event.

We implemented a phone system capable of managing over 250 rooms and the additional phones for the operational side of the business.

We work in conjunction with the Park Regis to increase customer interaction with the hotel. We strive to achieve this by the implementation of a hospitality interactive system on the guest TV’s that runs promotions on the screens located in the guest areas.

We pride ourselves on the diversity of the services we offer to our customers. We are currently providing ongoing support and consultation for new developing projects leaning towards innovation of technology.

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