Cloud Solutions

Do you feel you’re holding too much data on you existing system? Are you suffering from slow and unresponsive IT hardware? What would you do if all your data was lost?

With companies still using the traditional method of storing data onto their local IT system, Cloud Solutions are becoming more popular without the risk of losing all your data. Moremicro offers may solutions to the cloud which provides efficiency use of day to day productivity, communications between all employees within their business and reducing the cost or IT hardware.

Cloud IT solutions are becoming increasingly popular with businesses and at MoreMicro, we believe it is the way forward for the majority of companies that we deal with. With Cloud deployments, capacity and location planning are no longer in the hands of the customer, but are the responsibility of the cloud vendor negating the need for additional IT equipment. Time to value with Cloud solutions is significantly lower than with on-site applications. MoreMicro can help manage and migrate businesses to the most appropriate Cloud solutions for their requirements.

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