If you’re a small business you may not have the time or staff to manage your IT effectively. Here at Moremicro we are able to provide you with IT support using our highly experienced team.

Over the years we have worked with many companies to provide IT support in Birmingham, as well as working across the entire United Kingdom.

Using our help and support your IT will be managed by specialists in their field using their vast experience and expertise. We will solve issues quickly ensuring any downtime is kept to a minimum.


Managed IT Support

Moremicro offers a range of IT services which are tailored to your specific requirements. We can resolve complex diagnostic issues, design your entire IT infrastructure or just provide you with advice on what’s best for your business. Whatever you need we’ve got you covered.

Complementary IT Support

An ever growing business can be a struggle for your company’s IT department. If your IT team or manager needs more support, Moremicro can help. Our complimentary IT support can integrate within your current team to help boost productivity.



  • Help desk support & scheduled onsite visits
  • 24/7 infrastructure management & monitoring
  • Management of Microsoft solutions including Office 365 licenses, Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365
  • Hardware and Software Solutions
  • Phone Systems
  • Management of back up and disaster recovery
  • Asset & licencing management
  • Remote working support


At MoreMicro, we believe IT support should be convenient, comprehensive and good value for money. In today’s world, IT makes up the very backbone of establishments the world over and having reliable, cost-effective, thorough tech support is more important now than it has ever been. 

From software implementation to network architecture, MoreMicro is here to help you plan ahead, optimise your current systems and maintain a secure, reliable network day in day out. Moremicro is a leading provider of IT support and IT solutions. Our team offer many years of technical expertise and experience to small, medium and large organisations. 

No matter the size of your organisation, MoreMicro has a solution that is suited to you and your needs.


Why does my organisation need IT support?

When our technology works, everything runs smoothly. Unfortunately, amongst hardware issues, software complications and third-party threats to your network many things can interrupt your systems. With managed IT support from Moremicro, there is always someone available to answer your questions, solve problems and get your business back up and running as quickly as possible.

Can I get IT support on-site as well as over the phone?

Yes! Moremicro offers several different managed IT support packages that include variable levels of support, from simple break-fix support to 24/7 monitoring and on-site presence.

My business already has an IT manager, but they could do with some support to keep everything running - can Moremicro help?

We certainly can! Our complimentary IT support services seamlessly integrate with any existing IT team you may already have to provide them with additional support and guidance. This allows managers to manage and boosts productivity for everyone involved.

I know what I need my IT systems to do, but I don’t know how to build it - can Moremicro help?

Absolutely. At Moremicro we appreciate that not everyone knows their way around a server or network. We will work with you to create plans and transparent budgets to achieve the systems that your business requires. We always strive to leave out the technical jargon when it’s not necessary and we will ensure you fully understand what you are paying for before we implement anything.

What service packages do you offer?

At Moremicro we have five support service level agreement (SLA) packages which we offer, start-up, basic, standard, enterprise and bespoke. These ensure your business is covered by our excellent IT support regardless of company size.


Colmore Tang

Colmore Tang are a construction company based in Birmingham West Midlands.

Over the years Colmore Tang have experienced massive growth which has shown no signs of slowing down. To help with this growth they needed an IT partner to help with support for multiple offices.

We managed and supported Colmore Tang’s IT in there offices and remote cabin locations across the UK. A completely bespoke IT service package was designed and implemented which included IT support, high-speed internet, office telephones, software, hardware and network installation.

Employees at Colmore Tang were then able to process documents and communicate with other departments or offices, therefore increasing productivity all round.

A disaster recovery plan was also implemented to prevent the loss of data due to the remote locations being active construction sites.

Pull The Pin

Pull The Pin are a digital marketing agency based in Birmingham City Centre. They provide a range of services including SEO, PPC, video production, content among many others.

Pull The Pin moved into their new office which, being a digital agency, required a fast and reliable internet connection. To compliment this a complete infrastructure design and IT support was also needed.

We provided Pull The Pin with super-fast internet and a secure network within their office. Growth of
the company has been exponential with the team going from two to seventeen so far.

Park Regis Hotel

Park Regis is an award winning hotel located in the centre of Birmingham. The hotel offers over 250 rooms and is rated at 4 stars.

Moremicro were commissioned to design the complete IT infrastructure for the Park Regis Hotel. The main focus was to design a fast and reliable network for both staff and guests.

We began by providing guests with super-fast Wi-Fi which wouldn’t create performance issues with any other device inside the hotel.

As the hotel is used for conferences and events, we provided dedicated internet bandwidth which can be diverted to where it is required the most.

We implemented a phone system which is capable of managing over 250 rooms as well as any required to run the business.

Guest TV’s which run promotions were also installed to increase customer interaction with the hotel.


Damascena is an award-winning, popular coffee house which offers a relaxed experience with a wide selection of Middle-Eastern coffee. They currently have four locations across Birmingham.

The biggest issue Damascena faced was customers being unable to access guest Wi-Fi. This is due to their existing IT infrastructure not being enterprise grade.

The solution we provided was to upgrade the entire network infrastructure across all of their sites allowing customers to enjoy guest Wi-Fi.

Two shops were upgraded to a leased line and we provide continued support to Damascena to ensure their IT runs smoothly.


With an increasing number of cyber threats on the rise, businesses need to ensure that they have security and business continuity measures in place.

We provide businesses with a range of additional add-on services, including;


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