Software & Operating Systems

Are you having trouble viewing your documents? Are you constantly having to update your software? Is your software unresponsive? Does your operating system take a long time to launch? Is this decreasing your productivity?

At Moremicro we understand supporting various software and operating systems is essential to all businesses. During the initial set up of a client joining Moremicro we provide a software auditing process where we look at each software a client is using and confirm that we can support it and or make any further recommendations linked to your use of the software. We Moremicro also is certified to use various Operating Systems such as MacOS, Windows, Linux, BSD, and HP-UX. Our engineers have over 28 years of experience with these critical operating systems and can provide you with the tools needed to ensure they are used in the best possible way. We ensure that all software’s are up-to-date and work with a huge array of 3rd party software support agents.

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