Build a rock steady layer 1 network

Security is an essential part of any business, but how do you improve the vulnerability of your laptop, tablet and IT Infrastructure?

Are you suffering from the Crypto virus which studies show that 150,000 have been reported?

Security is an essential

Unique security dashboard

Moremicro understand the key elements of your business starting with security right at the very top of the list. Moremicro identifies the issues within your existing system and using Moremicro’s unique security dashboard and years of experience we are able to detect security risks before they penetrate to your IT Infrastructure.

There has been many cases Moremicro has faced with clients who have had limited security protocol where 3rd party users have had access to their IT Infrastructure and email. Once the client contacted Moremicro we were able to assess the security data logs and identify the issue in a matter of minutes. The result from the issues the client faced have been resolved and Moremicro continues to secure and reduce the risk of vulnerability to their client’s IT Infrastructure.


Securing your connection

Moremicro supports:

  • Securing Internet Connectivity
  • Firewall and Router Security
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware
  • Password security (all 3rd party application security)
  • Security Layer 1
  • Communication Rooms – installation and configuration of servers, switches, Wi-Fi, routers, firewall, UPS
  • Cable installation
  • Office ergonomics and layout
  • Desktop installation and configuration
Server maintenance

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