Build a rock steady layer 1 network

Our experts understand the requirements in far more detail and build a rock steady layer 1 network to begin with.

We use Enterprise Grade equipment for all network and installations.

To guarantee reliable IT for your business, your network should be secure, up-to-date and fast. At Moremicro, we understand that not everyone knows their way around a server and we are here to take all of the complication out of the process of building a network that is perfect for your business.

With the help of our specialists, we will guide you through the process of the network designing process from identifying your needs and priorities to choosing the best hardware according to your budget and requirements.

We believe in creating the perfect network first time, with the correct equipment, which will increase reliability, stability and longevity of your systems.

We can design, curate and implement the perfect network for you and your company either by using and optimising existing hardware, or by supplying well-priced Enterprise hardware.

The networks that we create for our clients are reliable, secure and made bespoke to your business needs and budget. Not only do we design the perfect network for you, but we also have a team of experienced engineers who will install every part. This includes cable installation, server configuration, desktop installation and configuration.

exchanging data between computers

WHAT IS a Computer network?

Computer network is a telecommunications network that allows computers to exchange data. Networks are crucial for any business and this means having the right team on board is crucial. MoreMicro has many years of experience in business network installation and have created new and updated existing solutions for issues that have risen throughout the term of a business.

  • Comms rooms – installation and configuration of servers, switches, Wi-Fi, routers, firewall, UPS.
  • Cable installation.
  • Office ergonomics and layout.
  • Desktop installation and configuration.
  • Layer 1 Networking.


What is a computer network?

A computer network is a telecommunications network that allows computers to exchange data. Networks are now a cornerstone for any business and this means having the right team on board is crucial. A computer network can serve many different purposes, and it’s important to build a network that will be able to perform specific tasks that suit your business needs.

What equipment will I need?

A network should be made up of equipment that both serves your needs, keeps your data secure and protects itself against cyber threats and power outages. A most basic network should consist of end-user computers (be they desktop PCs or laptops/tablets), a server (which contains all of your business data and software), a UPS (a large battery that will continue feeding power to the server in the case of a power outage), a switch (which physically connects each part of the network together) and a firewall (to protect yourselves from cyber attacks and spam). At Moremicro we only fit enterprise grade equipment in our network installs, so they are reliable and secure.

Do I have to know how to install any hardware?

Absolutely not! We appreciate that a lot of clients need a team to be able to install everything as quickly and efficiently as possible. For many clients, the idea of entirely new equipment and systems can seem daunting to staff members and CEOs alike. We aim to create networks that can be as familiar as possible whilst utilising the newest and best technologies and equipment. With our IT support packages, we can also offer ongoing support either in person or at the end of a phone whenever you need it.

I’m worried about cybersecurity, how can Moremicro help?

At Moremicro, we take cybersecurity very seriously. Many scammers, hackers and third parties are now targeting large databases and businesses in order to hold their data for a ransom, or are looking to sell customer/client details on to marketing companies. We ensure that security is at the heart of every network we install and ensure that you, as the customer, know about every way to keep your data safe and secure. Using up-to-date firewalls and other techniques within your organisation will keep your staff and data safe.


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