Partnering with a dedicated IT provider, also known as a managed service provider (MSP) can help you reduce business costs and improve service quality.

Not only this, but 49% of businesses say that Managed IT services free up time for internal staff to do more critical tasks. 

Managed IT services used to be a nice extra to have within your business, however as technology advances this is becoming more of a necessity rather than a luxury. As digital transformation proliferates the likelihood for cybercrime, fraud and hacking increases, making managed IT services even more important for your business.

Furthermore, with the UK having the highest number of cyber crime victims per million, as of December 2022 (which is 40% up since 2020) it is clear that using managed IT services is important to protect your company and team.

What is a managed service provider?

Managed service providers usually deliver services remotely such as network, application, cloud infrastructure and security by providing ongoing and regular support for companies. 

Small to medium sized businesses, non-profits and government agencies usually hire MSPs to handle day-to-day management services, including: 

How can you benefit from Moremicro’s IT Management Services?

Here at Moremicro we provide managed IT services through working with you to create a plan that meets your company’s IT needs.

Our IT management services help businesses to resolve complex diagnostic issues. We can design your entire IT infrastructure and advise you on what technology is best for your company to help you stand out from your competitors. 

Managed IT services have many benefits for companies, such as:

  • Managed IT overheads which are business critical.
  • Help companies fill staff shortages – Outsourcing managed IT services helps fill staff shortages quickly and get important IT tasks done.
  • Improve security – Managed IT services can install security software to help protect your business against cybercrime such as fraud and attacks. 
  • Cost effective – Paying a fixed monthly cost is cheaper if you run into any IT issues.
  • Fills skills gaps – Managed IT services can take on tasks that your staff may not be qualified or skilled to do without you having to invest in any training, recruitment fees and HR costs.
  • Saves time – Using managed IT services, means your team doesn’t need to try and fix issues. Instead, staff can log a ticket to get a problem fixed and focus on their job at hand.
Managed IT services Birmingham
Moremicro provide managed IT services aligned with your business long term and short team goals and strategy.

What types of managed IT services are available?

Managed IT services can be categorised in three ways. The first is categorised by the size of a company’s target customers. These categories are mentioned below:

  • Complementary IT support – These are suited for large scale organisations who already have an onsite IT team but may require additional support. The additional support in relation to managing overheads (for example Software licenses),and utilising additional skill sets (managing cloud infrastructure).
  • Completely Managed – Moremicro look after your IT infrastructure, from end to end including managing your day to day IT support, hardware and software requirements, infrastructure design, connectivity, telecommunications, and cyber security needs.
  • Hybrid IT Support – Where you manage some of your IT services and outsource some of your IT requirements to a managed service provider. This often involves a business having an IT support on premises which we can also provide. A hybrid solution is whereby Moremicro provide an end to end managed solution just as our managed IT services however we can have a member of our team on your premises at all time. This will ensure that you maintain a speedy response for any onsite emergency issues. 

Below is a list of services which we are happy to provide our clients: 

  • Monitoring – We offer real time monitoring services for different applications, network devices, servers and websites.
  • Remote support – Offers cloud-based software, supports remote devices and can remotely troubleshoot technical issues.
  • Proactive support – Offers preventative maintenance to help prevent any network issues.
  • Centralised management – Provides a management console for complex networks, patch management, security software and remote monitoring.
  • Scheduled maintenance – MSPs offer regularly scheduled maintenance.
  • Simplified billing – MSPs use a billing management software to handle invoicing, payments and budgeting

Our services allow you to focus on what you do best – growing your business! To learn more about the IT management services we offer, visit our website here.