Herald as the future of work, remote and hybrid work has allowed employees to work from anywhere in the world.

A study by YouGov on behalf of The Times found that 71 per cent of people prefer working from home and 58 per cent feel it boosts their productivity.

With more and more people working from home, Moremicro can support your remote teams with a range of services including IT hardware and software, telephony, cloud solutions and security.




Invest in technology and software

Do your staff have access to the right IT equipment and software to do their job away from the office?

Can your staff access your company’s network and documents from home securely?

Access to the latest technology and software is essential to enable employees to work seamlessly remotely. We can provide businesses with a range of services and equipment such as laptops, anti-virus protection, software licensing, for example Microsoft 365 to enable employees to collaborate, meet and call at a click of a button.


Telephony – Divert business phones

We can support you with diverting your business office/ shop phone lines whilst your employees work remotely so that you never miss an important call.

We provide our clients with cloud VOIP telephony solutions, such as soft phone devices on your laptop or mobile and sim cards so that employees can make and receive calls as if they were in the office.

Whether you’re a small business or a large franchise, we can keep you connected and have a telephone solution to suit you.


Cyber Security

Employees working from home are much more susceptible to hacking and cybercrime if they do not have a secure internet and security measures in place such as multi-factor authentication. Therefore, it is essential that staff are cybersecurity aware and know what to look out for in the event of a cyber-attack.

Employers can also test staff knowledge on cyber security through phishing simulations. For more information on our cyber security services and how it can benefit you, click here.


Invest in IT support

Here at Moremicro we’re aware that things can go wrong. IT equipment such as Laptops and phones can suddenly stop working, servers, computer networks and internet connections can go down, users can have problems logging in to their account…. the list is endless.

Rest assured, whatever your IT issue, Moremicro have you covered and will be able to troubleshoot and typically resolve most technical problems remotely.