The working world is evolving at a fast pace and more and more businesses are migrating and outsourcing their IT services to a managed service provider (MSP).

The benefits of outsourcing technical IT support to a managed service provider are vast but choosing to leave this responsibility in the hands of a third party can be a big decision to make.

We outline a few benefits on why you should consider outsourcing your IT Support.


What are the benefits of outsourced IT Support?

1) Reduce your costs

Remove the cost of hiring an in-house IT manager(s) which can cost anywhere between £35,000 – £75,000 per year according to LinkedIn Salary Insights, plus recruitment costs, training, and company benefits.

The cost of recruitment is greatly reduced when you outsource as you can bypass the whole recruitment process. Outsourcing your IT to a MSP company like Moremicro means you only pay for what you need. It allows your business to be flexible, meet all security and legal requirements as well as future proofing your IT infrastructure, all without any dedicated investment or project costs.

2) Proactive vs Reactive

Technical issues and outages can cause great disruption to a working environment.

On-site IT support is usually reactive to issues that arise throughout the workweek rather than proactive, and in smaller businesses the lack of a proactive IT approach results in periods of down time and employee dissatisfaction which can severely disrupt workflow.

When you outsource to Moremicro we will monitor your assets 24/7, identifying issues and fixing them well before they can even become a problem. This greatly prevents downtime, maximises productivity, and decreases loss of revenue.

3) Increase productivity

Employees only have a limited amount of time and attention that they can allocate to their daily tasks. Whether you have an in-house IT person or you’re juggling multiple roles in the business, valuable time could be lost attending to menial IT tasks, sudden technical outages or trying to understand complicated IT projects. Outsourced IT services can transfer the responsibility of maintaining your IT systems, freeing up your time to spend more on meaningful business strategies.

Furthermore, an outsourced IT partner can understand business pain points and provide employees with the relevant tools and technology which can enhance workflow, allow employees to work more efficiently and enable businesses to scale up and down easily.

4) Benefit from the latest technology & gain competitor advantage

Technology should be a vehicle to business success, not an obstacle but keeping up to date with the latest technology is a job itself.

Empower your business and staff with the right tools and technology that work to increase productivity and ultimately revenue and profits.

When you outsource to a Managed Service Provider, business technology is their specialism. You can be confident that they will have access to all the latest developments and training regarding new solutions, so they can advise you on the latest technology that you should invest in for your business to succeed and gain advantage from competitors.

5) Security, 24/7 support and monitoring

Every business carries risk but having one employee to look after your data and system security could prove to be a compliance risk.

With Cyber Crime now being the fastest growing crime in the world, businesses who do not invest in their IT infrastructure and security make themselves vulnerable to attacks.

Enjoy complete peace of mind with 24/7 security, support and monitoring from Moremicro.

6) Compliment your in-house expertise

If your current IT team is struggling to manage the growing demands of your IT operations, or your IT manager needs more support, Moremicro can help. Our complementary IT support can seamlessly integrate with your team and enhance your productivity.

With an outsourced IT support team, you can guarantee that there will always be someone available to take your call and provide solutions to complement your own internal IT staff. As a managed service provider, we’re happy to help and become an extension of your company.


Taking the next step

If you think that outsourcing your IT support is the right move for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team to find out more.